Who we are and what we do

About Us

We have selected for our theme for this year, the Year of Cooperation. Teamwork and cooperation are closely linked, and I think that if we at The Empress have achieved anything this last year, it has been the result of tremendous cooperation on the part of everyone associated with this institution, but very especially the staff, who have strived might and main to mould the boys and girls into future shining citizens of India.

Our Mission

To develop a young generation with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and multiple talents.

Our Vision

To inspire the society by uplifting the rural and economically unsophisticated to decorate the nation and to enlighten the world through quality and excellence.


Currently we are following the universal or the vital system implemented by most of the successful schools around the world. That includes:

  • Systematic approach towards each semester.
  • Carrying out syllabus days before assessment tests and performing firm revision classes before the exams.
  • Preparing question papers based on complete textbook course outline.
  • Conducting weekly slip tests on completed topics.
  • Special classes for retarded students, especially newly appointed students and Kannada medium students. (Basic Language classes)
  • Weekly staff meetings are conducted every Saturdays.

Note : School strictly implements "No homework policy" for classes I and II.