Pre Primary

Extracurricular activities were the theme for the pre primary section this year. Karate, Drawing, Craft, Smart chilling classes and games were the highlights provided to the kids by our staffs. Apart from that easy language learning classes (English, Hindi, Kannada,) communication skill development classes, General Knowledge boosting and Basics of Information technology development with help of more than 20 live computers were conducted. Practical’s for computer and oral test for General Knowledge was at the peak of all. Students shown their skills gained through these activities in the Quiz competitions conducted by our School Governments Quiz club.

We give equal privilege to students from primary to secondary section. The purpose of our education is to build up the child in a holistic manner, so that he becomes a fully rounded personality, developed in all aspects – mind, body, heart and will. I shall now endeavour to show that we have been trying to develop the potential of our boys along these lines. I shall begin with the mind, which has to do with academics.
The Annual Exhibition showcased the talents of every little Epressians. There was an obvious integration between art skills and the variety of concepts absorbed in class, drawing out the pupil’s instinctive creative capacity. Science models, nature theme models, working models, clay models and all of this with a pioneered abrupt explanation by the students were proudly displayed inside the buildings of Empress. The Empressians Kiddies stole the show with their undulating expertise.
The true test of a school’s co-curricular programme, is its participation and meritorious performance when it comes to inter-school activities. I am happy to report that The Empress has participated in nearly a dozen such programmes: I shall rapidly run through the record of our performance. Our lions won heaps of titles in the field of arts and sports for us this year. Our Girls Kabaddi & Netball team was the inter school champions and the boys and girls netball team went even to district level. Same in arts, our Petrarchs performed in such a way, that nobody even came near to match their performance at taluk level Prathibha Karanji competition.
How appropriate in this Year of Cooperation!


Apart from weekly slip test and chapter wise revision tests, we are conducting four formative assessments and two Summative assessments every year. Based on these results it will be decided that weather the progress of students is improving or not. If not special training facilities (visually enhanced learning) is being provided for weak students. The parents can directly evaluate their child’s performance in the presence of class teacher and subject teachers after each assessments.

School Student Government

A new concept of extracurricular activity for the Empress students was planned and performed, The School Student Government. Under the Leader ship of School leader and Vice Leader. Mostly school government focuses on enhancing students maturity. Students must face the challenges of society and school. School government will lend a hand on them to endure today’s rush and race. A committee was figured under the leadership of President (The School Leader) and 7 senators were elected by them. Each senator was given different charges to make the functionality of school system smooth and neat. By the end of June our School Government students were able to coordinate with school staffs to control the discipline and order of our school.

School Curriculum

The eligible staffs are following standard methods and books for implementation of better education. Mostly we are following Oxford University Press Publication books. And NCERT books for higher section.

1 Oxford Publications (Thulips) Kannada (State Syllabus) First
2 Oxford Publications (Thulips) Kannada (State Syllabus) Second
3 Oxford Publications (Thulips) Kannada (State Syllabus) Third
4 Oxford Publications (Thulips) Kannada (State Syllabus) Fourth
5 Oxford Publications (Thulips) Kannada (State Syllabus) Fifth
6 NCERT English Medium. Kannada (State Syllabus) Sixth
7 NCERT English Medium. Kannada (State Syllabus) Seveth

Another workload shrinking task has been carried out by our staffs the past year was the “No Homework Days”. As per Government rule we are not allowing any extra workload to any of the students in the form of homework or any other writing tasks. But to maintain homely work skills and to develop their technical creativity we are making them to do activity based works. With the support of the parents and siblings our students were able to participate in all curricular activities and to improve their creative skills. For higher primary sections we are trying to reduce their work load by programming an effective timetable based home work plan which will reduce the work load as well as moulds the progress of the students. Strict orders is been given to the teachers regarding workload of the students, and if any staffs gives any extra homework or writing work, special squads are there in school government team to notify the Principal.
Then comes the Health and hygiene of our school. Special care is given for students with strict instructions about food and health. School sanitation is been taken care with four sets of restroom buildings (2 each for boys and girls). It’s been an excellent work from our management so that we have all these basic amenities required for the smooth running of our institution.

School Strength - Class Wise

Fees Structure